Windows 8/8.1 Activator | Activate Any Version of Windows 8

Windows 8 Activator By Daz enables you to fully activate your Windows 8/8.1/Windows 10 Technical Preview and enable all the locked features in it within matter of few minutes. Here are the instructions to use it.

Installation Instructions

  • Make sure to disable your Antivirus program First – (Otherwise, Win 8 loader cannot apply registry patch and activation will fail!)
  • Download Windows 8 Activator from below.
  • Run and Install.
  • Reboot your PC to finish the permanent activation.
  • Enjoy!

Oct 2014 Update:
If you’re getting “Connection Timed Out” or simply nothing happens after clicking above download link, please use this mirror.



These days it’s really hard to find a working windows 8 activator since almost all of them are already outdated as well as unable to bypass Microsoft’s latest security update that preventing windows from offline activation. Most crack makers are fed up with Microsoft’s frequent security hotfixes because it requires lot of effort to keep an activator updated and working even for a week. So most of them give up with developing windows activators after few security patches released by Microsoft.

Another thing is 99% of these activators are fake apps just created to spread their viruses, worms and other malicious softwares. That’s the reason none of them provide a virustotal scan report of their tools before user downloads their tool.

But here, our skilled developers of software protection removal team work 24×7  to keep our Windows 8 kms activator working by constantly updating it to bypass every protection layer introduced by MS. The best part is you’ll get it for completely free and it’s free from viruses, spywares and adwares. Here is the virustotal report of our windows 8 activator.



Features of 8 Activator:

  • Permanent Activation –  Not a 30/60/90 days trial.
  • Noob Friendly Interface - Easily activate any version of Windows 8 without having any expert knowledge.
  • Support both Online and Offline Activation – That means you don’t even need to have an internet connection while activation process.
  • Bypasses Windows Genuine Advantage Validation – That means you can even download updates from Microsoft without a valid Microsoft account.
  • Supports  32-bit/64-bit/Mobile versions of Windows 8 - for more information, see windows 8 versions.
  • 100 % Clean and Free to use.

What is Permanent Activation?

Most of other activation tools are just using a simple windows registry modification to temporary activate windows 8 without requesting any administrative privileges or any other special execution rights. These activators are really useless and will not activate your windows installation for more than a few days. Most of these activation details are getting deleted after a PC restart. So, the product activation only exists until you restart your PC.


But, with our advanced windows 8 activator, you’ll never have to download another activator again. With our SHA1 advanced DLL (Dynamic Link Library) decryption and modification technology, it’s possible to permanently activate any version of windows 8 within just a few seconds. It does not harm system files by modifying your system registry like most other activators. All it does is creating a filter between activation32.dll and windows genuine advantage validation process. So it’s impossible to windows to check your product activation is valid or not by connecting to Microsoft servers.

Noob Friendly Interface

The truth is more than a half of internet surfers haven’t even heard about the windows registry. Considering these facts, our team tried their best to keep our windows 7/8 activator as simple as possible. It’s interface  has only 2 buttons. Those are “Start Activation” and “Help” buttons. Simply clicking on the “Start Activation” button is enough to perform the entire windows activation process without even touching your mouse again! If you need any help with the process, you can view the built-in help guide by clicking “Help” button. If you face any other problem, feel free to contact us via email: and we’re happy to help you.

Online Or Offline,You Decide!

Now you don’t even need an internet connection to activate your Windows 8. Our special offline activation registry modification method enables you to permanently activate windows without connecting to Microsoft activation servers. The whole process takes only few minutes and even a small child can do it. Actually there is no any noticeable difference between these 2 methods. So you can choose offline or online activation to get started.

02/11/2014 Update:

Kaspersky, ESET and few other antivirus utilities now detect both our previous windows 7 loader and this new version as viruses. So, please make sure to temporary disable your antivirus program before downloading and running our tool.

03/13/2014 Update:

We have successfully updated our windows 8 loader in order to bypass the latest security patch released by Microsoft yesterday. Now the activation is even faster and quicker than before. All you need to do is download and run it as administrator. When you double click and run the loader.exe it will asks you for administrator privileges. Simply click ok and that’s it. Make sure you wait few minutes to complete the process and finally it will open a webpage that saying your activation is successful. We received a lot of emails asking to upload a step by step video tutorial describing the whole process in simple. We are doing it now and we will upload it to YouTube and embed it here soon. Stay tuned!

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